HIREDTexas Classes

HIREDTexas Classes

HIREDTexas provides free computer software training for a number of common applications.

Classes are limited to 20 students. There are 12 computers provided by HIREDTexas for student use. Others may bring their own computers if they have the appropriate software. There is no network connection in the classroom, so programs that require a network connection will not work.

The courses are built around Microsoft Office 2010.

Registration starts 1-2 weeks prior to the start of a class. Registration must be done in person at a weekly meeting.

A student handbook is available to download for free from a USB drive or a $10.00 fee for a printed copy. The handbooks are not available from this website.

Students are expected to complete assigned projects to earn a course completion certificate.

HIREDTexas Classes are held on Mondays and Tuesdays at Grace Presbyterian Church, Room 5A, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. and/or 3 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

The schedule of upcoming classes can also be found on the website calendar. Class schedules are subject to change to meet demand.

Questions for the instructors should be sent here.

IBM 2015 Community Grant
HIREDTexas received a $2000 IBM Community Grant to support our ongoing education initiatives. This grant recognizes the support of IBMers who volunteer with HIREDTexas. These funds have been used to upgrade the classroom environment with new laptop computers. We are very grateful for IBM’s support this year and are fortunate to have the support of IBM volunteers.

IBM 2016 Community Grant
HIREDTexas received a second $2000 IBM Community Grant to further support our ongoing education initiatives. These funds are being used to upgrade all systems to Office 2016 and to upgrade the on campus network. We are very grateful for IBM’s ongoing support and are fortunate to have the support of IBM volunteers.
Thank you IBM

2017 Class Schedule

Class Start Date End Date Sessions Start Time
Word 1 – Beginner 01/09/17 01/24/17 5 1:00pm
Computer Foundations 01/09/17 01/17/17 4 3:00pm
Word 2 – Intermediate 02/06/17 02/28/17 7 1:00pm
Excel 1 – Beginner 02/06/17 02/21/17 5 3:00pm
Excel 1 – Beginner 03/06/17 03/21/17 5 1:00pm
Excel 2 – Intermediate 03/06/17 03/21/17 6 3:00pm
Excel 2 – Intermediate 04/03/17 04/18/17 6 1:00pm
PowerPoint 1 – Beginner 05/01/17 05/16/17 6 1:00pm
Computer Foundations 05/01/17 05/09/17 4 3:00pm
PowerPoint 2 – Intermediate 06/05/17 06/20/17 6 1:00pm
Excel 1 – Beginner 06/05/17 06/20/17 5 3:00pm
Excel 2 – Intermediate 07/10/17 07/25/17 6 3:00pm


Computer Foundations

Computer Foundations is for people who may have worked with a computer, but never had the opportunity to learn the basics that will enable them to navigate with ease. Students should be able to understand:
* what the various connectors on their computers are
* the essentials of how a PC (as opposed to a Mac) work
* the function of an Operating System
* how data is stored on the system
* how to set up a personal file system that makes it easy to find things
and more.

Excel 1 – Beginner

Excel 1 is for people who have had little or no experience with a spreadsheet program. Students will set up spreadsheets and use Excel to do basic calculations. Students will learn to sort data and create basic charts.

Excel 2 – Intermediate

Excel 2 – Intermediate is for those who have completed Excel 1 or have equivalent knowledge and want to learn additional skills. At the end of class, students should be able to create executive-level presentation charts, and analyze data using sorts, filters, and pivot tables.

Word 1 – Beginner

Producing documents quickly and accurately is a foundation skill for nearly any office job. Microsoft Word 1 is a beginner’s course in word processing skills. Students will create files, use margins, tabs, and styles, and format text and paragraphs. They will also learn how to make and use tables, as well as create and use document navigation.

Word 2 – Intermediate

MS Word 2 builds on the skills learned in MS Word 1. Students will learn to prepare complex documents usinh graphics and photos. Students will learn how to create and use document styles. Emphasis will be placed on preparing documents for printing or distribution by portable document file.

PowerPoint 1 – Beginner

PowerPoint 1 is for students who have little or no experience in preparing PowerPoint presentations. Students will learn how to plan and assemble basic presentations, including speaker’s notes. They will learn how to use slide formats, build PowerPoint images, use and format text boxes.

PowerPoint 2 – Intermediate

PowerPoint 2 is for students who have completed PowerPoint 1 or have equivalent knowledge. Students will learn how to create charts, graphs, animate objects on command, control the way changes between slides appear, and much more.