HIREDTexas has a weekly meeting, forums, and training classes.

Weekly Meeting

Each Tuesday, HIREDTexas holds a general meeting featuring inspirational and informative speakers to help you on your job search. Come early and enjoy complementary coffee and snacks.


HIREDTexas offers free courses in Microsoft Office products – Excel, PowerPoint and Word.

Class sizes are small to maximize the amount of personal help that can be given. Most participants use HIREDTexas computers, but those who want to work on their own portable computers may bring those. Check the calendar for course dates.

The class schedule is subject to frequent change based on the immediate interests and needs of active members.


A variety of forums has been established. Forums are continuing meetings that focus on:

  • Job search
  • Networking
  • Health topics
  • Finances

The Newcomer’s Forum provides an abundance of vital connections to services and opportunities for the newly unemployed. Filing for unemployment benefits and finding low-cost health care are just two of the dozens of topics covered. This is the starting point of your journey with us.