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Kick-Starting Your Motivation for the New Year

Presentation Date: Jan 10, 2017

Presenter Website:
Presentation Material: Pending Upload
Description: As we enter a new year it’s time to ramp up your motivation to get out there and land your next job. As an HR Leader with expertise in training and organizational development, Theresa will talk about some techniques she’s used over to motivate the workforces at her companies to perform their best.

Toot Your Own Horn the Right Way

Presentation Date: Jan 3, 2017

Presenter Website: N/A
Presentation Material: Pending Upload
Description: Normally it’s better to have someone else showcase your accomplishments. When looking for a job, you need to do a lot of that yourself. Otherwise those other people may not get a chance to confirm what you’ve said. So you need to do it right, do it well, or be left aside. Judy will help you present the right stuff in the right way.

Public Speaking with Confidence

Presentation Date: Dec 27, 2016
Presenter: Valerie Chavez
Presenter Website:
Presentation Material: Pending Upload
Description: Many people find interviewing nerve wracking because it’s not a practiced skill. For more than a century Toastmasters has helped people over come their fear of public speaking, and those tips can apply to interviewing as well.

Earn Money Without Leaving Your Home

Presentation Date: Dec 20, 2016
Presenter: Joan Gordon
Presenter Website: N/A
Presentation Material: Make Money with Swap & Sell Sites
Description: Unless you live a frugal life, you probably have some stuff around the home that you don’t actually need. Using on-line swap & sell sites you can turn that stuff into cash. And once you know what you’re doing, you can turn other peoples stuff into cash for yourself.

Productively Preparing for a Job Search – a 30 Minute Primer

Presentation Date: Dec 13, 2016

Presenter Website: N/A
Presentation Material: Productive Job Search Prep
Description: There are some things everyone has to do to find a job, whatever they’re looking for. Gary Westerman will cover the very basics of those items in a brief 30 minutes so you can start down the road to your new job.

Key Legal Documents Everyone Must Have

Presentation Date: Dec 6, 2016
Presenter: Terrence Marsh
Presenter Website: Terrence Marsh, Attorney at Law
Presentation Material: Wills, Trusts & General Estate Planning
Description: As we approach the end of the year and families are planning their holiday get together, now is the time to consider the key legal documents everyone needs. Do you have them? Are they up to date? Has anything changed that the family may need to discuss? If wishes aren’t known and documented, the family could face an unexpectedly difficult situation if something happens to someone.

Dealing with Long-Term Unemployment

Presentation Date: Nov 29, 2016

Presenter Website: Career Life Integration
Presentation Material: Long Term Unemployment – From Surviving to Thriving
Description: Recent data shows that a growing percentage of unemployed are long-term unemployed, under threat of being left behind by the economic recovery. Melissa, a professional career counselor, will discuss how to deal with the prospect or reality of being part of this group.

Job Search & Interviewing Basics

Presentation Date: Nov 22, 2016

Presenter Website: N/A
Presentation Material: Job Search Basics
Description: Linda, who was responsible for recruiting at a major theme park, will address some basic advice that applies to all job seekers regardless of the specific positions they’re looking for. She’ll also address key interviewing tips to help you stay in the running for the jobs you want.

LinkedIn 101: Get Hired Faster by Showcasing Your Professional Identity

Presentation Date: Nov 15, 2016

Presenter Website: Alli Blotter Marketing & Copyrighting
Presentation Material: LinkedIn 101
Description: LinkedIn is a very useful took for the professional job search, but many people use it poorly. This week Alli Botter, a professional Marketing Consultant, will show how to showcase your professional identify on LinkedIn to drive a stronger, more positive response.

TWC: Hot Jobs & Skills in the Greater Austin Area

Presentation Date: Nov 8, 2016

Presenter Website: Texas Workforce Commission
Presentation Material: TWC_Skills_Nov_2016
Description: Mick is from the Labor Market Research group at Texas Workforce Commission. He brings insight into the job market in Central Texas to help you decide what jobs to target. Note – data on job openings is current as of the date of the presentation and is subject to change.

TWC: Unemployment Insurance 101

Presentation Date: Nov 8, 2016
Presenter: John Riojas
Presenter Website: Texas Workforce Commission
Presentation Handouts:
Description: John is an Unemployment Insurance Specialist at Texas Workforce Commission. He addresses the ins and outs of how unemployment insurance works so you don’t lose your benefits for lack of the right paperwork.

Nailing the Interview

Presentation Date: Nov 1, 2016
Presenter: Carmen Herttenberger
Presenter Website: Round Rock Personal Assistant
Presentation Material: N/A – Verbal Presentation
Description: Most people aren’t experts are being interviewed; it’s just not something we do very regularly. So when it’s time for a job interview, we often struggle to nail it. Carmen Herttenberger runs a personal assistant business in Round Rock. Each time she’s talking to a potential client about her services, she’s being interviewed. Learn how she keeps her business strong by nailing those interviews.

How Leadership & Influence Support Your Job Search

Presentation Date: Oct 25, 2016

Presenter Website: In Sync Resources
Presentation Material: N/A – Verbal Presentation
Description: Angela condenses a day long workshop into an hour for us, addressing the characteristics of good leaders, six influencing principles, and six influencing tools. Studying the characteristics of good leaders, and learning how to use the principles and tools to influence others can help you be a better leader and move forward in your job search and your career.

Searching Effectively on

Presentation Date: Oct 18, 2016

Presenter Website:
Presentation Material: N/A
Description: is a premiere job board based in Austin that can be a useful tool in looking for your next job. But like all tools, if you don’t know how to use it the results can be disappointing. Sharon Dinh of Indeed, will show you how to set up searches to give you the results you want to see without a lot of results you don’t. offers one-on-one asssistance setting up job searches every Friday at Launchpad Job Club. When you’re ready to create e-mail alerts and just need a little help getting the search right, go see them there.

Elevator Pitches 101

Presentation Date: Oct 11, 2016

Presenter Website: N/A
Presentation Material: Elevator Pitches 101
Description: Having a good elevator pitch is a necessity when you’re meeting new people. It’s a quick way to let people know what you do and what value you bring to the table. Gary will explore the important aspects of the pitch and look at how to make yours as effective as possible.

Females are NOT Males In Skirts: Understanding Both the Benefits & Differences Between the Genders

Presentation Date: Oct 4, 2016
Presenter: Darla Sees
Presenter Website: Sees HR Consulting
Presentation Material: Females are NOT Males in Skirts
Description: Darla Sees of Sees HR Consulting will address how behavior differs between men and women in the workplace and how this diversity can lead to misunderstandings and misinterpretations. We’ll discuss how we can enhance each other’s communication, leading to better workplace performance.

What’s New With The Affordable Care Act for 2017

Presentation Date: Sept 27, 2016

Presenter Website: THP Benefits LLC
Presentation Material: N/A – Verbal Presentation Only
Description: TJ Johnson is back to talk about the Affordable Care Act and the changes you can expect looking for insurance in the Texas marketplace for 2017. Hear how the big stories about the insurance market that have been in the news this year will actually affect you, and learn how to weight the options to get the insurance you really need.

Presentation Date: Sept 20, 2016
Presenter: Ben White
Presenter Website: Round Rock Chamber
Presentation Material: Economic Development in Round Rock
Description: Ben White, VP of Economic Development at the Round Rock Chamber, will discuss the development agenda the Chamber is pursuing for valuable and balanced growth in the area. Hear how that strategy will affect the businesses coming to and expanding in Round Rock, and how that will change the job landscape in the area.

Professional Associations to Help You Find a Job

Presentation Date: Sept 13, 2016

Presenter Website: N/A
Presentation Material: Professional Assocations
Description: Gary looks at local Professional Associations and how they can help you find a job through networking. Whether it’s a career change or just taking the next step to continue what you were doing, your local professional association may help you connect with the people who are closest to the jobs you’re looking for.

Navigation the Negotiation Process – It’s Not Just About $$$

Presentation Date: Sept 6, 2016

Presenter Website: Career Pivot
Presentation Material: Navigating the Negotiation Process
Description: Marc Miller returns to talk about your job offer. Negotiation is an important skill that is under-utilized by most job seekers — at a high cost. If you don’t negotiate, you won’t get what you want. In this talk, we explore the negotiation process and discuss ways you can negotiate with power to achieve your goals.

Marc walks us through the whole process — from job prospecting to job offer. He leads an active discussion to help us identify our financial AND non-financial needs. We will also chat about the questions to ask, and how and when to ask them, so that you will receive offers that meet your needs.

Who’s Responsible for Your Financial Future?

Presentation Date: August 30, 2016
Presenter: Jacqueline David & Prisca Nkwocha
Presenter Website: Heartland Institute of Financial Education
Presentation Material: Due to Company Regulations, this Presentation is not Available
Description: This week we address the question, “Who’s Responsible for Your Financial Future?” You are, of course, but do you know what you need to make that future as bright as possible? Hear how you can get the education you need to manage your finances for now and the future.

Life, It’s One Big Networking Event

Presentation Date: August 23, 2016

Presenter Website: THP Benefits LLC
Presentation Material: Life, It’s One Big Networking Event
Description: TJ Johnson talks about Life, It’s One Big Networking Event. TJ founded THP Benefits to bring a more human aspect to the insurance business. This includes building the business through word of mouth and personal networking, not cold calls. Hear how he’s able to network constantly and take home some tips to use yourself.

7 Things Only A Professional Job Seeker Might Know

Presentation Date: August 16, 2016

Presenter Website: In Sync Resources
Presentation Material: In Sync Resources Helpful Links
Description: In this information-packed presentation, Angela will share some of the most important things she helps her clients understand about job search. She’ll touch on the usual topics like resumes and interviewing, as well as a few more that you might not have thought of.

Earn It, Keep It, Grow It – Budgeting

Presentation Date: August 9, 2016
Presenter: Cecilia Prieto
Presenter Website: United Way of Williamson County
Presentation Material: Money Matters
Description: This week Cecilia Prieto of United Way of Williamson County presents the Building Budgets and Spending Plans part of the Earn It, Keep It, Grow It series of financial workshops. This is part of an ongoing educational program United Way offers to local small businesses who want to help their employees better manage their finances.

Social Media & Its Impact on the Workplace

Presentation Date: August 2, 2016
Presenter: Jamie Richards Whitney
Presenter Website: Richards Whitney, P.C. | Helping You Get Back to Business
Presentation Material: Social Media at Work
Description: This week Jamie Richards Whitney, business lawyer, addresses the impact of Social Media on the Workplace. It can be a great tool, but it can also be used against you if you’re not careful.

Employee Benfit Trends

Presentation Date: July 26, 2016
Presenter: Abe Abdelhadi
Presenter Website: Willis Towers Watson
Presentation Material: N/A – Verbal Presentation Only
Description: This week Abe Abdelhadi of Willis Towers Watson, a Global Advisory, Broking & Solutions firm with offices in Austin, addresses trends in employee benefits offerings in the area. The Human Capital & Benefits division of Willis Towers Watson addresses employee benefits from a data-driven perspective to find the right benefits package to best motivate your workforce.

Hiring on as an Employee vs. as an Independent Contractor

Presentation Date: July 19, 2016

Presenter Website: Sage Speaking LLC
Presentation Material: Hiring on as Employee vs IC
Description: This week Lisa Bargsley, who showed us how to use the Six Thinking Hats to evaluate a job offer earlier this year, returns to address the differences between employees and independent contractors and how new rules going into effect in December may affect how companies bring in new people.

From Fear to Freedom through the Filter of H.O.P.E.

Presentation Date: July 12, 2016

Presenter Website: Mary K Dunn
Presentation Material: From Fear to Freedom
Description: This week Mary K Dunn, career and life coach, will present “From Fear to Freedom through the Filter of H.O.P.E.” You will …

  • Learn how the brain is wired for change
  • Understand the types and truths about fear (stress) and how they impact our behavior
  • Recognize choice points for different results
  • Discover strategies for overriding our fear responses

People who are unemployed, under-employed and unhappily employed are in a unique position of experiencing fear. Our brain while attempting to protect us sends messages of doubt. Fear and doubt can keep us in a state of pain, paralysis and procrastination. Fortunately, once we understand why we feel what we feel, we are able to over ride our brains messages and move to a place of power.

Understanding H.O.P.E gives us a strategy to employ when doubt surfaces. This presentation will build your confidence and tool kit for ALL the decisions in your future!

Do Your Own Mock Interview at Home

Presentation Date: July 5, 2016

Presenter Website: N/A
Presentation Material: N/A
Description: This week we conducted and recorded a short mock interview live during the meeting, replayed it, and critiqued the interviewees performance.
Software used: Free account on Zoom
Setup Guide: Getting Started On PC and Mac
Look for the All About Zoom Daily Live Demo here for a demo by the company.

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