HIREDTexas Volunteer Opportunities


HIREDTexas is an entirely volunteer run organization. Many volunteers are also active job seekers. As such there is always a use for new volunteers.

We are always interested in having backup facilitators for our forums and volunteers to start new forums that would be of interest to our members.

We also have an ongoing need for teachers for our classes in Microsoft Office applications (Excel, PowerPoint, Word) as our teachers often find jobs shortly after teaching their first class. Each application has a beginner’s class and an intermediate class.

You can find a list of other active volunteer opportunities with us here. Or e-mail our volunteer coordinator.

Other volunteer opportunities are available from time to time with HIREDTexas, but if your interests are elsewhere, please seek out a volunteer opportunity that will let you flex your skills. The Round Rock Serving Center has a searchable list of volunteer opportunities in the area here.