Welcome! HIREDTexas Job Club

You need help with a job transition… Where do you begin?


HIREDTexas is a great place to find allies in your job search.  HIREDTexas Job Club is a federally recognized nonprofit organization that assists job seekers looking for career opportunities in Central Texas.  Find the energy and excitement you need for your job search with us!

Join us each Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. at  Grace Presbyterian Church in Round Rock to hear knowledgeable speakers who are experts in job search and related fields, network with talented peers and learn valuable tips for your career transition.  We want you to feel better when the meeting is over than when it began.  Newcomers are provided valuable resources to enhance their job search strategies. The weekly meeting is just the beginning.

HIREDTexas offers a variety of learning opportunities to improve your job skills.  We offer classes in Microsoft Office Suite products if you need to brush up.  Small groups meet in forums focused on job search skills, networking, health and financial topics.

Whether you are a new job seeker or long-term unemployed, HIREDTexas is a great place to network and learn about new directions and opportunities, and find connections with talented peer support.  Career transition can present challenges for job seekers and their families but there are options available when you need a helping hand.

At HIREDTexas Job Club, we want to enable you to be smarter, stronger and more resilient as you look for your best job ever.  The goal of HIREDTexas Job Club is to ensure that no one has to experience the process of job transition alone…

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